Already have a SMSF?

If you already have your own SMSF and are either looking for an independent service provider who won’t bundle your assets into predefined investments, or mandate which broker you can or cannot use, or are simply after a more experienced and knowledgeable group of professionals to assist you, then we may be just the people you’re looking for.

A majority of service providers ‘streamline’ your affairs and only allow you to invest via a predetermined broking and banking account, or with a particular fund manager which in some cases allows them to receive a ‘referrers fee’. At TP Super Solutions, we place no restriction on who you invest with or what you invest in (provided it complies with the law of course!) which gives you the freedom to place your money in investments you feel most comfortable with. It’s our job to guide you along the way with our advice and assist with your administrative, investment, reporting and auditing obligations.

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